Aloha from Hawaii

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Elvis in concert

January 12 & 14, 1973

On January 7, tickets for the concert of January 14 went on sale in Honolulu.

Already a large amount of tickets were sold in advance by mail orders. Tickets could only be obtained by making a donation to the
Kui Lee Cancer Fund.

Tickets for the dress rehearsal of January 12 would be sold as soon as the main show had sold out.

Honolulu, January 12, 1973

Elvis performed for an audience of 6,000 people at the International Convention Center, the show was taped as an emergency backup in case of problems with the show of January 14.

Honolulu, January 13, 1973


Some last minute soundchecks are done in the concert hall of the International Convention Center for tomorrow nights concert. Elvis attends the soundcheck in casual clothes while the musicians practice their (music)parts.

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The mayor of Honolulu declares this day to be "Elvis Presley Day"

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Honolulu, January 14, 1973

At 12.30 am Elvis wrote history with the first world-wide telecasted concert ever. Millions of people in over 40 countries saw Elvis' live concert from Hawaii.

The total earnings of the concert, being
$ 75,000 were donated to the Kui Lee Cancer Fund. The original estimate had only been $ 25,000

The telecast, Aloha from Hawaii, would be watched by more than 1 billion people, worldwide.

The show was the most expensive entertainment special, up to that time, with costs of $ 2,5 million.

Following the show, as soon as the audience had left the building, Elvis recorded 5 songs on stage, to be included in the American version of the special. The special would be aired in the U.S.A. on April 4, 1973.


At the end of the show, Elvis removed this cape and hurled it into the audience. It was caught by Mr. Bruce Sprinks, a reporter of the Honolulu Advisor. The cape is now on display in the at Graceland.

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